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The Best Alumina Flakes Suppliers What to Know

Haiwei Emerging Material is a company specializing in supplying of high purity alumina powder and special advanced alumina products. Haiwei Emerging Material has been focusing on the research and development, production and sales of aluminum materials for over 10 years. Our service commitments include: to offer the first class quality products, provide best possible customer service and value, establish performance standards in every aspect of business.

What is Alumina?

Alumina is a natural mineral compound, its chemical formula is Al2O3. It can be used in aluminum production or as a catalyst in the production of silicon carbide and other materials. It is an important raw material mainly used in aluminum producing industry.

Alumina Flakes Suppliers

Alumina powder is a key material in the manufacture of aluminum. It is also called alumina oxide or alumina trihydrate. Alumina oxide is an oxide of aluminium, with a chemical formula of Al2O3. It’s pure white, heavy and crystalline powder. When heated to high temperature, it will generate large amounts of heat, so it’s used as a heat sink for other materials when needed. It has a melting point at about 2,100 degrees F and its density is about 3.5 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm3). The purity of aluminum oxide can range from 99% to 99.6%.

Alumina Powder Suppliers

Alumina powder is a kind of new type of export product developed by Haiwei Emerging Material. It has the advantages of low cost, good quality and excellent performance in chemical industry, pharmacy and food industry. Haiwei Emerging Material’s alumina powder has many types, such as: white alumina powder, blue alumina powder, red alumina powder, green alumina powder, yellow alumina powder and so on. Besides the high purity alumina powders for export use, Haiwei Emerging Material also supplies other grades of aluminum powders and special advanced products for chemicals and petrochemicals industries.

Alumina Flakes Quality Test

Report Alumina powder is an aluminum oxide, which is a very hard, white, high melting and heat resistant material. Alumina flakes are the major component of aluminium oxide. When processing the raw materials or manufactured products, alumina flakes should be used as a refractory material. It has low thermal expansion coefficient, good insulation properties and excellent resistance to wear and abrasion. The melting point of alumina flakes is nearly two thousand degrees Celsius.

Alumina Flakes Disadvantages

Alumina Powder is one of the most popular products used in industry. It is usually made from aluminum oxide, which can be processed into alumina flakes or pellets. Alumina flakes are primary used for the thermal insulation materials and for the manufacture of insulating refractory castable, un-fired ceramic fiberboard, casting molding powder, etc. However, there are some disadvantages to using alumina flakes in your business. For example, they have a lower density than magnesium oxide and beryllium oxide and have low oxygen content. They are also difficult to process because they are brittle and hard to cut.

Best Alumina Flakes Suppliers Compared

Alumina is a very important part of alloys and ceramics, and is a strong abrasive. It can be used for polishing, surface finishing, cutting, scratching or sanding, grinding, drilling and so on. When comparing from who to choose alumina flakes suppliers in China, Haiwei Emerging Material has many advantages: 1) High purity alumina powder and special advanced products; 2) The best service commitments; 3) ISO9001:2008 quality system certification; 4) OEM orders are available.

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