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Choose the Best Sunscreen for Yourself

Choose the Best Sunscreen for Yourself


“Wear sunscreen and avoid all that tan” “Too much sun is not good for you!” There is always this one person in a gathering who is always listing down the advantages of sunscreen like it’s a godsend. These people seem to think that sunscreen can solve all our skin problems. But they have never backed up their claims with proper research or even a nice statement.

So today we are here to change all that. We will together read up on the benefits of sunscreen, its types, what sunscreen is the best for you and which sunscreen brands are beneficial. Also, we will help you snag a nice deal for your sunscreen. Like this Body Shop discount code 30% off available for a body shop at!

Are you excited? We know we are!

What exactly is a sunscreen?

Sunscreen is a skincare product that protects your skin from skin damage. It can be in the form of a gel, lotion or a runny liquid depending on your skin type. Sunscreen helps filter out the ultraviolet rays and only let some rays reach the skin. So it filters out the good sun form the bad sun form you.

Sunscreens can also reduce the chances of skin cancer. If a sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher is used regularly, then it can save you from a lot of skin disease. It also helps with premature skin aging, wrinkles, and fine lines. It can also stop the skin sagging and age spots. All in all, it reduces the signs of aging. However, it is not an anti-aging cream and should not be confused with one either.


Who should use the wonder of sunscreen?

The answer to this question is very simple. Every single person who is exposed to raw sunlight. In short, everyone should use it. No matter what gender, color, caste or religion you belong to. Sunscreen is an absolute essential that you should not ignore. Men, women, and kids above the age of 6 months should all take as much benefit from sunscreen as they can.

It does not honestly matter if you burn quickly or take forever to burn. Sunlight exposure does not work in a minute. All the sunlight that we have exposed our skin to over the years accumulate and causes irreparable damage to it. So even if you think that your skin can survive the brutal skin, you should even then use a good skin appropriate sunscreen.

What is SPF that everyone is talking about?

SPF is one of the most important things that one should consider while buying a sunscreen. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The SPF is the count of minutes that the sunscreen will delay the effect of sunlight on you. Say your sunscreen is SPF 30, it means that sunlight will reach your skin 30 minutes later than usual. But for it to work exactly as it said, you need to follow the directions on the pack.


What sunscreen is the best for you?

You should decide your sunscreen based on your skin type. There are generally three basic skin types. Oily, dry and combination. All the others are a combination of these three. People with oily skin should usually go for gel-based or water-based sunscreens. Whereas people with dry skin can use a slightly thicker formula without breakout and looking like an oil machine. People with combination skin should experiment with both until they find the perfect match for themselves.

Other things to keep in mind while getting a sunscreen are the ingredients. There are two types of ingredients, physical and chemical. All active ingredients in sunscreen are chemicals. Don’t worry they are usually tested. But still, some people believe that physical sunscreens are more natural and better for their skin. However, that is completely wrong. Both of these sunscreens are perfectly fine for you and are made to filter out the UV rays.

One more thing to consider is the SPF level. The recommended level of SPF is 15 or above. This is good for people who are stepping out for shorter periods. SPF 30 or more is better is you have an outside job or if you are out for longer intervals.

Be very mindful while selecting a sunscreen because you are only going to use it if you are happy with it.

Also, remember that the key to using a sunscreen is to reapply it every 2 hours!

Q & A

How much sunscreen should a person use at a time?
To get the full potential out of your sunscreen, use an ounce for your entire body. If you apply less than that you are not getting the full disclosure.

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When should we not wear sunscreen?
You should only not wear sunscreen when you are indoors!

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