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Babywearing, All You Need to Learn to Wear Your Child Safely + However You Like

Babywearing, All You Need to Learn to Wear Your Child Safely + However You Like

What are the advantages of babywearing? Which baby carrier can be right for you personally? Where can you find a very good deal on fresh and also used wraps, band slings, and carriers?

Babywearing (or baby carrying) may be the practice of carrying your child or toddler in a carrier. Though it might be new to some people, babywearing is nothing fresh historically or globally. For years and years, mothers in the West wore their kids. And ditto for mamas all over the world today. It’s only within the last few years that culture has drifted from baby putting on. But these days, organic mamas like us are brining heading back to the older custom of babywearing for a couple of great reasons.

What are the infant wearing benefits?

The evident advantage of baby wearing is convenience. If baby can be in a carrier you can accomplish daily chores while understanding baby is secure and happy. Also, putting on a baby can enable you to go locations strollers can’t ( hiking, stairs, etc . ).

But the benefits go way beyond this:

  • Babywearing supports breastfeeding. When baby is held close mom can recognize early signs of hunger more easily and can start to nurse ( ideal in the carrier occasionally ) without baby having to cry. This knowing of baby’s needs produces well informed parents and a nearer bond as well.
  • Carried babies cry much less. According to one research infants who received supplemental holding ( not merely in a reaction to fussiness) cried and fussed 43% less general, and 51% less through the evening hours. (1).
  • May help prevent spinal and cranial deformities. Infants who spend a substantial period of time in child car seats and baby swings or additional equipment can form squaring of the cranium or spinal deformities. Correctly carrying baby permits natural advancement of cranium, backbone, and postural muscles. (2)
  • Babies who are kept close are more in a position to regulate their personal physiological functions (breathing, heartrate, temperature) in impulse with their caregiver. (3)

Babywearing will take some used to!

You’d think that baby wearing will be as easy mainly because falling out in clumps of bed, best? But like a large amount of issues with motherhood (hello, breastfeeding! ), babywearing could be trickier than it appears.

Yes, babywearing can appear daunting at first. Many baby carriers possess a learning curve plus they require practice to be comfortable with them.

But once you’ve chosen the proper carrier and learned how to use it, baby wearing will become second nature.

There are three main types of baby carriers

1 . Babywearing slings
A baby wearing sling is a long piece of sturdy cloth that is usually worn over one shoulder and across your torso. Slings are ideal for newborns, as small babies can easily nestle into the fabric. Larger babies and toddlers can also “ sit ” in the fabric like a hip carried seat. We’ve even seen one particularly crafty mama (safely) use a sling as a back carrier for her toddler! Slings can be found in many fabrics, cushioned and unpadded, and with or without bands for adjustment. A few examples of sling carriers are Maya Wrap, P-Sling, and Comfy Joey.

2 . Babywearing wraps
A baby wearing wrap is an extended piece of fabric that’s covered around your torso and generally over both shoulders. Wraps are extremely versatile and inexpensive. A few good examples are Moby Wrap, Boba Wrap, and Baby K’Tan.

  1. Soft structured carriers
    A soft structured carrier is made from soft padded materials but is sewn into a more structured seat with two shoulder straps and possibly buckles. These carriers tend to be more ergonomical, so they’re great for outdoor activities and other times when you’re carrying baby for long stretches. Some examples are Ergobaby, Onya, and Mei Tai style carriers.

Are baby carriers safe?

Yes! Each carrier will have it’s own safety guidelines that you will need to review before use, but here are a few general guidelines to get you started:

  • Baby’s airway should be clear. You should not have to move fabric in order to see his face. His chin should not rest on his chest but instead be tipped up. He should not be pressing his face into your chest. In this case you can gently move baby’s head so his ear is against your chest instead.
  • Baby should stay in an upright position (unless baby is nursing, in which case you can just return him to an upright position when finished).
  • Practice with a spotter. This is key when you’re trying new carriers or ways of carrying. Practice over a soft surface or close to the ground until you are confident with the carrying method.
  • Check your carrier for signs of wear or damage periodically.
  • Baby should be positioned properly. Baby’s knees should be higher than her bottom and legs spread to ensure that her backbone and hips are backed for healthful development. (Newborns could be put on in a cradle placement aswell, but face should be high and visible).
    Forwards facing carriers and carriers where baby’s legs are dangling ought to be avoided, simply because they usually do not support proper positioning and will result in hip dysplasia. (4)

When may I start wearing baby?

From birth! Slings and wraps are well suited for newborns (check the producers weight suggestions ) and can be utilized as baby grows through toddlerhood.

How long may I wear my baby?

So long as you both want. If baby is certainly in a carrier that works with healthful positioning, you can continue steadily to wear her for for as long during the day when you are both comfy, or more until baby hits the fat limit (which is certainly frequently around 40 lb! ).

What baby carrier is correct for me?

If you’re uncertain which carrier will continue to work best for you, your child, and your way of living, consider joining a baby wearing group to put on a bunch. Have a look at Wrap Your Child or Baby Putting on International for regional babywearing groups.

Also talk with local or trusted online retailers who would have accommodations program for trying fresh carriers. Don’t ignore to consult other mamas and also require carriers they aren’t using you could try out.

Examine these questions when looking for a baby carrier:

  • Is the carrier comfy for you personally and baby?
  • Does it support infants natural spine and hip development?
  • Are you able to get baby into the carrier on your own?
  • Can baby nurse in it?
  • How long will baby fit in it?
  • Can it be used from birth?
  • Does it help increase skin to skin contact?

How much are baby carriers?

It depends. A new carrier can range in price from


200. The most economical choice is the wrap style carrier, which is usually priced around


60 to $160. Slings really run the gamut in price.

If you’re looking to save a few bucks, buying used or making your own is a good alternative (tips on how to do this below).

Best place to buy a new baby carrier?

If you’re lucky enough to live near a store that sells a variety of carriers, that’s probably your best bet. There you’ll be able to try on a variety of baby carriers and select the one which works best for you and your baby.

If, you need to buy online, Amazon is usually a great option. Amazon has a ton great baby carriers available to purchase. If you know which carrier you wish to buy, you may be able to buy directly from the manufacturer’s site too.

Where can you buy an used baby carrier?

You may also get great quality baby carriers for a good price if you consider buying used. Request friends or visit local resale shops. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for check on-line baby resale sites for softly used carriers ( a number of these sites also offer a rental program to try out new carriers).

Check out:

  • Global Enfant
  • Thanks Mama
  • Natural Mom Gear
  • Swap
  • Frog Mama

A word of caution

Counterfeit baby carriers (especially the Ergo baby carrier) are popping up all over. If you do buy an used carrier, it’s a good idea to buy from someone you know or to ask for proof of purchase, as you can’t make certain of the product quality and basic safety of a counterfeit.

In case you are reasonably acquainted with a sewing machine, you may pretty conveniently DIY a carrier. Below are a few tutorials:

  • Zero Sew Baby Carrier
  • DIY Ring Sling
  • DIY Mei Tai Baby Carrier
  • Free soft framework carrier pattern

Here’s how many other natural mamas need to say about babywearing…

-My daughter was a higher needs infant. She wished to be held continuously, so putting on her in the sling and moby allowed me to ( relatively ) live my entire life hands free. In addition, it helped us bond and helped with nursing because she was usually so close. Once she was aged enough to go on my back in the ergo is definitely when babywearing really saved the day. I could finally do dishes and laundry and cook with her close and content material. My daughter is now one and I watch a two year previous. I clip the ergo around my waistline and allow it hang behind me all day long because I’m continuously tossing one of these involved with it. I beieve my girl is indeed well adjusted partially due to babywearing. I cant imagine parenting without it. – Karina Marie

  • We utilized the Moby Wrap with my girl. She didn’t enjoy getting in it until she was three months or so and may face outward. You’d believe a newborn want the closeness it supplied, but she hated getting in it as a new baby. EASILY had any information it could be don’t lose hope in baby wearing just because your newborn doesn’t like it. I got a lot useful out of my Moby in the later on months and we actually enjoyed using it. – Makenzie Eyler

  • I’m a foster mom. Last year we got a 6 month old preemie who had been left in a baby swing with a bottle propped most of his short life ( the rest spent in a nicu). He didn’t want to be held, he was sleeping like a new born and really didn’t want to be held when feeding. (reactive attachment disorder) My double ring sling became his new home. Having him on me skin to skin as much as possible, started a healing process that woke him up. We saw him start coming to life, getting together with the globe. Baby wearing can be an existence giving, nurturing, most effective act. – Erin Beyer

  • My small boy NEVER loved it, even easily took classes to ensure his placement was correct. I’d have want to bring him, but I believe the main is usually to adapt and respect every baby and their variations. – Genevieve Lemelin

  • The Moby preserved my sanity with my newborn child. Wearing my child calmed him and in doing this gave me an opportunity to breathe, gather myself, EAT, and move forward. I was an anxious new mommy with a colicky baby; babywearing was a Godsend to both of us! – Brianna Turner

  • I used the Moby ALL the time with my son. He napped in it every afternoon while I walked on the treadmill until he was about 18m. I loved our special snuggle time. I also put him in it wherever we went ( grocery store, mom’s group, etc . ). He has always been and still is ( almost 4 years old ) my big snuggler. – Mary Holleboom Voogt

  • I didn’t wear my daughter very much, since she was my first. But as she got older we loved the simpleness of our band sling vs a heavy stroller. I’m excited oto baby putting on with my quickly to arrive second baby, to become hands-free with my toddler! – Josh Heidi White

  • Personally I think like I missed from baby wearing! My child would only sleep easily was keeping her. I attempted three different kinds and brands of wraps and slings (and I viewed how-to’s on placing them on correctly ) however they all put strain on my back or shoulders. I couldn’t wear it for more than a few minutes. And she weighed 6lbs!!! Haha – Caitlin Brookes

  • Baby wearing saved my breastfeeding relationship. We had a rough birth and my daughter suffered some injuries due to an emergency forceps delivery. Because of her bruising and trauma we had trouble nursing. After CST and a lot of patience she finally latched while I had her in a front carrier. It was a magical moment after being an exhausted mother who exclusively pumped for 3 months. – Maura Wharton

  • I am a Mama of 3 and I cannot say enough amazing things about bwing! I wish I had the means, because I would totally be the Oprah of babywearing; “You get a wrap, you get a Ring Sling, you get a SSC! ” I buy a stretchy wrap for all my expecting friends.. they are the gateway carriers. – Deidrea Haysel

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