About Us

Leeloo Dev is a news marketing organization founded in 2000. We are located in Missouri where the people not yet interested in news marketing at that time. We are formed from a couple of teams that graduated from college and university students. The idea to develop this organization is to make the people in Missouri well-fed with news faster than before, where people have to wait for the news from television or newspaper. Our strategy has been improvised throughout the years. Therefore, we will never be left behind by the trending technology these days.

The title of the site “Health Kiss” is coming from the life routine of a mother. A mother that we all known as loving, caring, housewives or working mom, perfectionist and more positive vibes they could give to their family. They are known to be a person that wants to be always by their family side whenever needed or not. Keeping the family fed well with healthy foods, a good environment for the children, happy husband, arranged household, and cute pet. A healthy thinking mother always gives their lovable kiss to her family.

There are more sites in progress to make according to a specific genre. Our goal is to make our organization to be known worldwide in 2020. We hope good vibes always be with you.

Our address:

3366 Fairmont Avenue,
Rothville, 64676 Missouri,

Our email:

[email protected]